We produce high quality mica tapes and fiberglass tapes to meet the most  strict domestic and international insulation and fire resistance standards.
You do your cable and wires, leave the fire resistant tape materials to us, because we know it is the good quality cable and wire that can protect lives while burning, and we know it is the high quality mica and fiberglass tapes that provide a unique barrier against fire for your cable and wires.

We control quality from raw material

Glass cloth for mica tape


Our glass fiber yarns come from JUSHI GROUP (www.jushi.com) which is the world’s largest fiberglass manufacturer.
Some other competitors:
glass fiber or glass cloth buy from small company.


Make glass cloth in our own company
Some other competitors: glass cloth buy from small company.

Silicon resin for mica tape


Random Samples Testing arranged in our own laboratory
Some other competitors:
use silicon resin for mica tape directly without any testing

Mica scraps for mica paper



Our mica scraps import directly from India, Pakistan
Manage and control the entire production chain from the raw mineral to the finished mica tapes.
Some other competitors: buy mica paper from small company.

The knifes for mica tape slitting machine import from Japan and South Korea

Good quality knifes make mica tape flank smooth.


Advanced traverse wound spool machine

Customized spool machine was equipped to fit our high tensile strength mica tapes, with which, our mica tapes on spool can be progressed and integrated as a whole system into the product line for completion.


Low cost spool machine works every poor efficient, the quality of mica spool depends on worker skill level, the side face is very soft, which means mica tapes are folded.


Mica tape wrapped on conductor tightly

Perfect production process make mica tape flexible enough, glass fiber cloth combined with mica paper very well, GLORY tapes ensures maximum regularity of the winding tension, up to 100N/cm, enabling high winding speeds of up to 3000rpm.


Mica tape fire resistance testing


Fire resistant testing can be arranged in our company
Our fire resistant testing equipment was approved by Shanghai Electric Cable Research Institute, which is the leading official department of Chinese advanced cables and wires.
Some other competitors:
don’t have the equipment.

Environmental Friendliness


Off gases recovery
Giving off gases and dusts into the air,humans produce waste that is poured on the environment.
You care about environment, so we do.
GLORY TAPE is willing to increase cost only to leave future generations the blue sky.
Some other competitors:
off gases exhaust directly


Start to use straw fuel
GLORY TAPES start to use Biofuels, which do not contribute significant greenhouse gases to the global climate change problem, since they only emit back to the environment the carbon dioxide.
With straw fuel you and our environment can start benefiting today.
Some other competitors:
Coal burning causes air pollution

Take care for workers


We believe only to offer our workers happy working environment, then can they make good quality products.
Some other competitors:
Only force them to work