Mica tape on traverse wound spool

Mica tape on spool is the advanced structure to make the wire and cable wrapping more efficiently, mica tapes on traverse wound spool can be applied using all standard vertical or longitudinal taping equipment, with that, cable and wire company can save many labor cost.

Mica tape on reels

These mica tapes on pad need to be used on vertical single layer taping machine, which is mainly used for the mica tape wrapping of fire resistance cables, electric wire, power cable ,control cable, optical cable and insulation wire cores.

Our mica tape is made of mica paper, silicon resin and fiberglass, it meets the most stringent international fire-resistance standards:IEC 331, EN50200, BS6387C/W/ZBS7846, DIN4102-1.  We have Mica Fire Proof tape Fire resistant burning tester in our lab. Mica tape not only provides electric insulation, but it also acts as a unique barrier against fire by preventing its propagation and reduces the volume of toxic gases and fumes given away during a fire. mica tape                   Why is mica tape a suitable material as fire barrier for cables? Mica is a natural gift which would be carried on a fiberglass cloth. Mica is a high temperature fire resistant material for XLEVA-MI& LSZH Insulated & LSZH Sheathed Fire Resistant Cables. Applied on a tape, it allows very small bending radii during manufacturing and winding. Learn more...