PET Tape


It (often known by one of its trade names, “Mylar”)  is used for forming the perfect shape and acting as good insulation for cable production. On Communication data transfer and instrumentation cable production, polyester tape is used as shielding on pairs or grouping the cables. Polyester tape also has a good scale of heat due to its high voltage and perfect electrical isolation characteristics. It has a very high dielectric strength, tensile strength, heat resistance up to 200℃.


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1. Strength tensile,durable,resilient
2. Excellent insulation and high temperature resistance to 260℃
3. Wide range of application and easy to use
4. RoHS,SGS standard

1.Polyester tape is flexible, strong and durable. Thanks to its high resistance against abrasion and impacts, it is mainly used as insulation in power supply cables, fire alarm cables,  control cables, cross-linked and halogen-free cables , instrumentation cables, telecommunications cables , data communication cables, rubber-sheathed cables, MC cablesflame retardant control cableflame retardant low smoke cablePVC LAN cables LSZH signal transmission cablemiddle voltage cable and most of the other communication cablestelecom cablecomputer room exchange cabletelecom wiremetal clad armored cablemylar tape for ETL channel cablePUR sheathed festoon power cablehigh security communications cabledata screened cable, plastic insulation cableshielded  data cablecopper ribbon shielded cable, unarmoured instrumentation cable, pvc screened multicore cable, fire protection instrumentation cable,thermocouple cableEN 50288-7 standard instrumentation cablePET tape screen EN 50288-7 standard cableunarmored fire resistant instrumentation cablemulti-conductor communication cable, 0.22 mm2 insulated polyethylene low flammability unshielded cable, Instrumentation cable structure,AL mylar tape for instrument cableetc

2.Polyester tape is also used in Flexible Packaging&Printing,Electronic, Housing Contrustion and so on.



Thickness Width Length Outer Diameter Inside Diameter
12μm-200μm 5mm-1000mm 500m-3000m 200mm-500mm 76mm

Original color:Transparent

Polyster Tape






Specification:Would be customized except specification above.

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Storage:1 year at room temperature under dry condition.

PET identification tape bobbin


Polyester Tape video:


New Product:  Identification Polyster Tape: Blue,Red,Yellow,Green,Gold

PET layer assures electric insulation and a strong mechanical resistance. We offer an excellent selection of polyester tapes, which in addition to being high performance, are available in a range of transparent colors for easy color coding while maintaining visibility of covered parts.

So, transparent pet tape, colorful pet tape, red pet tape, green polyester tape are ok!

Physical Properties:

  • Don’t absorb any moisture
  • Resistant to all cable materials
  • High tensile strength
  • Suitable for continuous operation at 90℃ and color shall not fade when exposed to heat or organic chemicals.



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identification tape








It is used to identify pairs, or groups of conductors in telecommunication and instrumentation cables.
Available on pods and spools.

Tensible strength ≥ 165Mpa (165N/mm2)

Elongation at break ≥ 15%

Shrinkage rate ≤10%

Width: 3.0±0.5mm,4.5±0.5mm, 7±0.5mm



New Product: Bobbin Polyster Tape

We are able to change conventional pancakes (pads) into a bobbin, wrapped on spools.

With PET tape bobbin, our customers can improve efficient for cable and wire making. With this PET bobbin, our cable customers’ efficiencies can increase up to 300%, what’s more, waste reduces to as little as 1%.

pet bobbin