Non-woven Tape

Non-woven tape for cable

It is also called light non-woven tape or thin non-woven tape normally comes in white color.It is a kind of banding tape with excellent mechanical properties and has higher resistance to lateral cutting than polyester tape. Its characteristics are high strength, light unit weight, low thickness, good softness, sulphide-resistance and is suitable for wrapping all kinds of cables. It is relatively tough to melt or distort even to temperatures higher than 180°C.


1.Low cost, good softness, thin thickness,light weight
2.High temperature resistance to 180℃
3.RoHS,SGS standard, good for environment.


Non-woven tape has excellent inherent property to resist the deterioration of its physical properties and is widely applied to medium voltage cable, Bio-Oil and Microbial Resistant cables, PUR feedback cable, PUR servo cable, PUR trailing and control cableTPE/PUR feedback cable, fieldbus cable,cabtyre cables, power cables, XLPE electrical cable, non-indoor and outdoor mounting cable, servo cablecontinuous flex control cableTPE/PUR feedback cableNon-woven tape reinforced duct fiber optic cable, communication cables, optical cables, coaxial cables, etc.


Thickness Width Length Outside Diameter Inside Diameter
0.04mm-0.2mm 3mm-1000mm 500m-10000m 200mm-1000mm 50mm-150mm


Original color white,green etc.
Specific test methods and custom specification are available upon request.

Storage: Room temperature under dry conditions, the shelf life of 1 year.

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Dot embossed nonwoven tape

Non-woven fabric tape mainly by polyester fiber, polypropylene fiber as a binder, by thermal bonding, scientific processing.

Dot embossed nonwoven tape is light green color normally, it is been embossed while boding process in order to increase the friction of single core armour and multi-core armour.

Dot embossed nonwoven tape is not easy to slip and fall off when in the high speed wrapping process by the high speed taping machines.

Its light weight, tensile strength is good, because the pressure flower increases the friction, the packaging is not easy to loose. Suitable for high-speed machine. Non-woven Tape packaging is also known as light non-woven tape or thin non-woven tape is usually white. It is characterized by high strength, light weight, low thickness, good softness, sulfide resistance, suitable for all kinds of cable packaging. Melting or twisting is difficult even at temperatures above 180°c.    Dot embossed non-woven tape for XLPE Insulated power cables

It is mainly use for wrapping, tightening ex-core, pitch and cushion in plastic power control cable, communication cable, optical cable and rubber sheathed cable.

Thickness Width Length Outside Diameter Inside Diameter
0.13mm-0.25mm 10mm-80mm 500m-1000m 200mm-400mm 52mm,76mm


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nonwoven tape

New Product:

Polyester base non-woven tape is used as nonconductive separator or when protection against heat is required.

Polyester Non-woven Tape for cable / Strengthened non-woven fabric tape

Main Composition : Polyester Fiber, Adhesive, non-woven

Tape Weight : 95g/m2

Thickness :  0.16±0.02mm

Tensile strength : 60N/cm

Elongation: >10%



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