Mica tape on traverse wound spool

Mica Tape on spool

We currently have state of the art 36 head traverse wound bobbin machine on site. This technique gives the converter the advantage to change from conventional pancakes (pads) to a bobbin. With mica tape bobbin, our customers can improve efficient for cable and wire making. 


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How our tape protect your cable for fire resistance?

To learn the Different quality fiberglass cloth for mica tape.

Fire Resistant Power Cable BS7846 

BS7917/6883 Marine and Offshore Fire Resistant Cable

Mica tape for fire resistant power cable BS6387

BS6387 testing for fire resistant cable

EN 60332-1 flame testing for cable

EN 50265-1 standard cable

IEC60332-3-24 standard for cable and wire

BS7846 enhanced fire resistant cable

Fire retardance test EN60332

Construction of fire resistant cables

Phlogopite mica tape on spool
Tape types: R-5461-P-GS
Type of mica: Phlogopite Mica Paper
Support: Glass fabric
Resin: Silicon resin
Phlogopite mica tape on spool 

phlogopite mica tape

Phlogopite mica tape technical data sheet DOWNLOAD










Calcined muscovite mica tape on spool
Tape types: R-5461-C-GS
Type of mica: Calcined Muscovite Mica Paper
Support: Glass fabric
Resin: Silicon resin

How to make calcined muscovite mica? Please click here

Calcined muscovite mica tape on spool

muscovite mica tape













Synthetic mica tape on spool
Tape types: R-5461-S-GS
Type of mica: Synthetic Mica Paper
Support: Glass fabric
Resin: Silicon resin

Made by a neutral or synthetic mica product

Material assembled with fiberglass tape and special silicone.

It is used to wrap the conductor of fire resistance cables and corrosion inhibitors can reach 1100°c.

Available: In pads and spools
Synthetic mica tape on spool

synthetic mica tape












New Product:

R-5461-P-GFD/FIRO-PGFD Phlogopite Mica Tape with Glass and PET Film on Bobbin/ Spool.

Thanks to the PET film, mica tape can still keep a good tensile strength for wrapping with less fiberglass cloth. This kind of mica structure is widely used for Chinese cable and wire companies.

mica tape








Mica tape on spool is the advanced structure to make the wire and cable wrapping more efficiently, mica tapes on traverse wound spool can be applied using all standard vertical or longitudinal taping equipment, with that, cable and wire company can save many labor cost.



Mica tape would be used for  fire-resistance cableshipboard fibre optic cableLSHF fire resistant cablefire performance cable flame resistant wirecontrol cablenuclear power cablemarine fiber optic cablemonitoring and control circuits cablesmarine and offshore fire resistant cablefire protection system cablenickel plated copper conductor wireflame retardant cablefluorine resin insulated wireflame retardant properties of optical cableflame retardant non metallic armoured optical cableXLPE Insulated power cablefire resistant BS6387 cablehalogen free low smoke fire resistant cablefire performance cableLSHF fire resistant cable, XLPE insulated mica tape barrier fire resistant cable, mica tape insulated armoured 250V petrochemical cablefire-resistant unarmoured power and control cableoptical fiber composite fire-resistant cable, three cores fire resistant cable, mica tape fire barrier coaxial antennas cable,  fire resistant nickel high temperature wiremica glass fire barrier tape for circuit integrity cable, fire resistant power cable with XLPE insulated and mica tape barrierflame-retardant low-smoke power cable, leoni safety cable, BS7846 – F120 Enhanced Fire Resistant Power CableMica tape lapped low smoke PVC sheathed cable,Mica tape wrapped LSZH compound fire resistance cable,Mica glass tape fire barrier for single core fire stop cable, BS7629-1 2008-300-500V fire resistant electric cableMica tape fire barrier for single core cable, etc.



mica tape on spool

Tape Length:
General 1500meters, up to max 15000meters by certain width, thickness and tape of mica tape.

Tape Width: 4mm-10mm (12mm is also ok for some special spool size)

Spool adapted to work to extra high speed (1200-1500 rpm recommend)

Just depending on the requirement of customers

Package step:
1. Plastic foil for mica tape.
2. With or without white foam corner.
3. Carton box
4. Plywood pallet

Shelf Life:   12months at dry room temperature.



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