Flame retardant fiberglass tape

Flame retardant fiberglass tape for cable

It is used as the cabling wrap tape for the XLPE cable. Because the tape is halogen-free, if it burns, no halogen gas or other harmful gases are generated.


No. Item Unit Value(m2/kg)
1 Tape weight gr/m2 200±10
2 Thickness mm 0.2±0.02
3 Longitudinal Strength N/25mm ≥400
4 Oxygen Index % 55



  • Good shearing resistance
  • Excellent in tensile strength.
  • Excellent flexural strength.
  • Soft and light weight.
  • Environment safe.

It is taken as halogen free, low smoke and fire (oxygen) separated flame retardant tape material. 350-400℃ high temperature resistance.


Type ID
Roll OD
Maxmum Width
Minimum width Color
Pad 76mm 400mm(<20mm width)

300mm(>20mm width)


≤450mm ≥8mm White

Pads stacked horizontally in Cardboard boxes

Unlimited life in a dry place at room temperature.



Flame retardant fiberglass tape video:


Download technical data sheet PDF file for flame retardant fiberglass tape

 Flame Retardant Fiberglass Tape–TDS