Fiberglass tape on reels

Thanks to its excellent flame resistance characteristics, our fiberglass tapes can be widely used as banding material for halogen-free data cable,drag chains cablessilicon mulitcore cable,  command cable and electrical motor, nuclear power cable fire warning cablesecurity-enhanced communications cable, fire resistance low smoke cablefire resistant power cablesilicone rubber armoured cablecopper heat-resistant hook-up wiressmoke control system cable,fire resistant and flame retardant properties of optical cable, flexible silicone rubber insulated and sheathed cable,flame retardant non metallic armoured optical cablefire resistant weak current cable,common fire alarm cableType K thermocouples, Russia GOST 22483 standard cable, EN 50288-7 standard instrument cable, BS 6387 C, W, Z fire alram cable, FE180 fire safety cable,glass-fibre tape rapped security cable, leoni safety cabletrack cableFiberglass tape wrapping fire alarm cable and transformers.

Glass fiber yarn has high tensile strength, good electrical insulation, heat and chemical resistance.
It is a flexible tape which can be applied using all standard vertical or longitudinal taping machines.


technical data sheet PDF file for for fiberglass tape

Download technical data sheet PDF file for for fiberglass tape

Fiberglass tape on pad








Fiberglass tape on pad

Tape types: R-5461-E-FG
Type of glass: Electrical Glass Yarn
Thickness: 0.08-0.2mm
Width: 8-60mm
Length: 50-500meters

Fiberglass tape

1. Good thermal resistance at 500℃/932℉
2. Excellent tensile strength ≥310N
3. Asbestos Free
4. Good acid and alkaline resistance

Fiberglass insulating tape (alkali-free fiberglass tape) is woven from alkali-free glass fiber yarn, has good heat resistance and insulation, widely used in motor and transformer windings. The main ingredient is glass, sodium hydroxide, in which the alkali metal oxidation content does not exceed 0.5%.

The tape is overlaped by 50% when wraping, it provides the stability of the entire component. Secure wires, clamps, ties or pure silicone tape can be used to fix the place after the tape is installed.

It is suitable for the ribbon insulation of motor, pump and transformer, and is widely used in pipeline insulation, packing cable and switch box lining. With or without a self-adhesive bar.

Fiberglass tape is mainly used for fire-free cables that do not spread. In many cases, the electrical properties of the conductor’s insulation are such that they do not permit the use of non-flammable features, with insulating materials; Therefore, it is necessary to put an additional barrier sheath and insulating conductor and fiberglass band between the effective solution of this problem.

Natural fiberglass Band “E” denotes an effective aid when using the “Fire” cable – to ensure the continuity of performance in the case of fire – cases should use mica fiberglass tape or insulating materials in silicone rubber not enough to pass stringent test standards.



Electrical transformer insulation tape:

Technical data:

Length: 50 m
Thickness: 0.08mm~0.12mm
Width: 10 mm~80 mm
Features and Applications: 
Good heat resistance, good insulation and corrosion resistance.
Used as the packaging and lashing material of transformers, motors and cables.




New Produt: 

Identification fiberglass tapeIdentification fiberglass tape

With its unique and valuable features make it an ideal product for many industrial uses.

For example the interior of a circuit board, a conveyor belt and cables.
Generally, it is  200 micron thickness, with a green, red, black line in the middle.






High flame retardant, oxygen and fire resistance fiberglass wrap tape.

Highly recommend:

0.1mm thickness;   0.16mm thickness

Width would be: 30mm, 35mm, 40mm, 45mm, 50mm, 55mm, 60mm, 80mm;

Tape Weight:  0.1mm: 115g/m2;   0.16mm: 195g/m2

Tensile strength: 0.1mm: 85N/cm;  0.16mm:240N/cm

It can prevent bonding of the insulation, outer sheath and the inner coating layer, and will not affect mechanical, physical and the electrical performance of the cable.



New Produt: 

Middle-alkali fiberglass tape is woven of middle-alkali fiberglass. With its feature of heat-resistance, the main component is glass, oxidation potassium, oxidation sodium, for which the content of oxidation of alkali metals is from 11.9%-16.4%.

Characteristics: This kind of fiberglass tape product has good thermal and fire resistance.

Application: Middle-alkali fiberglass tape can be used as wrapping and banding material for  cables (mainly for Chinese and some other Asia customers).

The differene between Non-alkali fiberglass tape and middle-alkali fiberglass tape, link here.