Copper Polyester Tape


Copper polyester tape MADE IN CHINA

Copper polyester tape made of copper foil and polyester film lamination provides conductivity and electromagnetic insulation. Polyester film provides electrical insulation and high mechanical strength. It helps the tape to grasp and bond the surface that is applied.

Copper foil has a higher conductivity compared to aluminium foil. Copper foil also provides resistance to corrosion and radiation, can be soldered, and has higher conductivity compared to aluminum foil.

The laminating of CU/PET tape is a process through which copper foil and polyester tape are jointed together by resin.  This allows the new borned material to improve its mechanical, electrical, chemical or physical properties depending on materials used, thus overcoming the intrinsic limits of every single material.

ETP copper tape coated with a copolymer film on one or both sides.
Copolymer film provides an excellent adhesion to polyethylene sheath during extrusion process.
Copolymer coated copper tape is used for shielding in medium and high voltage power cables.



Total Thickness Weight Yield
g/m2 (m2//kg)
CU20 PET23 46   μm 213 4.7
CU18 PET23 44   μm 195 5.1
CU18 PET12 33   μm 180 5.6
CU15 PET23 41  μm 169 5.9
CU18 PET23 72   μm 225 4.5

Note: Values shown are for references only, for more product specification, pls contact us freely.


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1.Meet high standard of HF cable,professional production process
2.New and good quality basic material of copper foil and polyester film
3.Act well as electronical and EMC shielding and insulation
4.Wide range of application and easy to use
5.RoHS and SGS standard

Why copper foil can shield electromagnetic signals?  CLICK HERE


1.Copper polyester tape is mainly used on coaxial cables, signal cables, control cables, instrumentation cablesCATV-CCTV cableSWA LSZH Cable BS7835fire protection instrumentation cable, 75 ohm coaxial cable, LAN cables, data communication cables, and most of the other communication cables.
2.Copper polyester tape is also used in Ventilation Industry for flexible duct pipe production,Electronic, Estate Construction and so on.


Thickness Width Length Outer Diameter Inside Diameter
20μm-250μm 4mm-1000mm 500m-30000m 100mm-600mm 54mm,76mm


Original color(Copper), Blue, Red, Yellow, Green, Gold.
Specific test methods and custom specification are available upon request.

Storage: Room temperature under dry conditions, the shelf life of 1 year.

Copper Polyester Tape


Copper polyester tape video:


New Product: Copper&Aluminum Polyester Tape

We devoloped Copper&Aluminum Polyester Tape only for customers to reduce the cost of Copper polyester tape.

Copper foil also provides resistance to corrosion and radiation, aluminum foil share parts of the radiation function and it helps us the have more lighter weight of tape for the same weight.

Structure: CU+AL+PET+AL+CU

Copper Polyester Tape Structure