Aluminum Polyester Tape

Aluminum polyester tape made in china

It is made of aluminum foil and polyester film lamination which provides conductivity,electromagnetic insulation and high mechanical strength. Aluminum polyester film will form a protective barrier, shielding cable to electromagnetic or electrostatic interference. Aluminium and polyethylene-based film laminate, with a polyester supporting layer.

The laminating of AL/PET tape is a process through which aluminum foil and polyester tape are jointed together by resin.  This allows the new borned material to improve its mechanical, electrical, chemical or physical properties depending on materials used, thus overcoming the intrinsic limits of every single material.

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1.Low cost,professional production process
2.New and good quality basic material of aluminum foil and polyester film
3.Act well as electronical and EMC shielding and insulation
4.Wide range of application and easy to use
5.RoHS and SGS standard

Why aluminum foil can shield electromagnetic signals?  CLICK HERE


1.Aluminum polyester tape is mainly used on coaxial cables, paired cablesmulti-paired cables, control cables (Switch Control Cable), instrumentation cables, coaxial cables, data communication cables, data control cablesLAN cables , EPR/CPE Tray cables, PUR & flame retardant cablesrobot cables, low smoke screened cablesCATV cabletelephone outdoor cable, data transmission cable and most of the other communication cables, fire warning cable, data cablePVC,LSZH and LSZH-FR cable, heating cable,CATV coaxial cable, thermocouple extension wire, heat resistant silicon cablecontrol system cable,railway signal cable, aerial telecom wire, instrumentation cable,high speed cable, composite alarm cableoutdoor optical cable, communication & control cable,water block communication cable,telecom wirePVC instrumentation cablePVC/HDPE composite sheathed cable,FTP flex cableF-YAY Communication cabletelecom distribution cablePVC insulated armored instrument cable, radial communication cablemulti-conductor control cablehalogen free flame retardant cablemultimedia cablesignal and data cable, local communications cableunarmoured instrumentation cable, secutiry system cablezone communicationcableshielded and armed telecommunications cabletransmission singal cablefire resistant cable,500V instrument cable,fieldbus cablethermocouple cable300V instrument cable250V instrumentation cablewrapped over the assembled cable300V and 500V collective screen cable,industrial protocol communication cable,high performance data cable, USD wireFPE Insulated coaxial cable, security system outdoor cabletwisted pair cableCOAX CATVR,CL2R,CMR cablealarm CCA electronic control cableCATV-CCTV cablesolid shield fire alarm cable FPLP,CL3P, individual screen and overall screen for instrument cables300/500V fireproof cablesCSA CMG, CSA FT4 communication and control cable with Aluminium mylar shield, DIN EN 61034-2 standard cable, aluminum polyester tape shield co-axial cable,mini coax cable, indoor optical fiber cablealuminum backed mylar tape wrapped fire alarm security cable, thermocouple extension cablehalogen-free communication cableTV coaxial cableAl polyester tape shielding instrumentation cable CAT6 net work Cable,  XLPE insulated ALPET tape screened control cablemulti-conductor communication cable, aluminum/mylar tape offers RFI high frequency noise protectionaluminum polyester shielded flame retardant signaling cableconstruction of fire resistant cablesAluminum polyester tape shield common fire cableetc.

2.Aluminum polyester tape is also used in Ventilation Industry for flexible duct pipe production,Electronic, Estate Construction and so on.

Thickness Width Length Outer Diameter Inside Diameter
20μm-250μm 4mm-1000mm 500m-30000m 100mm-600mm 54mm,76mm


  • Aluminum Foil and PET Film lamination (AL+PET) : AL7/PET12, AL9/PET12, AL10/PET12, AL10/PET25, AL12/PET36.
  • Aluminum Foil, PET Film and Aluminum Foil Lamination (AL+PET+AL): AL7/PET15/AL7, AL9/PET15/AL9, AL9/PET25/AL9, AL12/PET25/AL12, AL9/PET36/AL9, AL15/PET30/AL15, AL25/PET12/AL25.

Polyester Film (PET film) and aluminum foil (aluminum foil) single-sided is complete (AP tape).

Both sides of the polyester foil are coated with aluminum foil. (APA tape)

The AP tape is used for lapping and the APA tape is used for lap up.

Shielding for electrostatic and electronic signals.   Specifications can be adjusted flexibly as needed.

Thanks to the addition of a “copolymer”, the foil acquires a permanent adhesion to PE core and itself even under low processing temperature.

Original color: Siliver

Other Color:Blue,Red,Yellow,Green,Gold

Storage:1 year at room temperature under dry condition.

Aluminum Polyester Tape


Aluminum Polyester Tape technical data sheet DOWNLOAD





New Product: Bobbin AL-Mylar Tape

We are able to change conventional pancakes (pads) into a bobbin, wrapped in spools.

With AL/PET tape bobbin, our customers can improve efficient for cable and wire making. With this Aluminum polyester tape bobbin, our cable customers’ efficiencies can increase up to 300%, what’s more, waste reduces to as little as 1%. 

Aluminum Polyester Tape bobbin












Aluminum Polyester Tape wrapping video:


New Product: Spreaded AL/PET tape 

Aluminum Polyester Tape

It offers better Shielding effectiveness for HDI, HDMID, VI, RGB High Frequency Cables, the spreaded PET makes better insulation.

Thickness: 36u (AL6u+PET12u+PET12u)

Thickness: 40u (AL10u+PET12u+PET12u)

Thickness: 43u (AL10u+PET12u+PET15u)

Color: siliver, gloden, green, red, blue, black, yellow, etc.

Tensile Strength: ≥7.5kgf/mm2

Elongation rate: ≥35%



New Product:  Self-adhesive Aluminum Polyester Tape


AL/PET/EAA (Ethylene Acrylic Acid)

Thickness: 50um AL9/PET12/EAA25

Thickness: 65um AL25/PET12/EAA25


AL/PET/AL/EAA (Ethylene Acrylic Acid)

Thickness: 50um AL9/PET12/AL9/EAA25

Thickness: 75um AL9/PET23/AL9/EAA25


Advantage:  Strong adhesion, AL/PET tape can be wrapped on conductor tightly.


Aluminum Polyester Tape video: