Mica tape for fire resistant power cable BS6387

The BS 6883 cables are flame retardant to IEC 60332 and when a mica glass tape is applied over the conductors they are then fire resistant to IEC 60331 and BS 7917.

Fire performance power cables BS6837 suitable for fire alarm cables and emergency lighting cables

Conductor: annealed copper wire to BSEN60228 (grade 2)

Fire barrier: (mica glass tape)      Insulation: XLPE

Core identification: 2 Core: Brown and blue, 3 core: Brown, black and gray, 4 core: Brown, gray, blue and black, multi-core: white core and black number

Bedding: halogen (low smoke, zero halogen)   Armor / shield: SWA (single armored)

Jacket / Jacket: halogen (low smoke, zero halogen)