Fiberglass tape for security-enhanced communications cable

security-enhanced communications cable

Type: Fire-resistant, non-halogen, armoured, security-enhanced communications cable not combustible.

-Maintenance of the insulation function under fire conditions: DIN VDE 0472-814 at least 3 hours, 800 ℃ (FE 180), IEC 60331.

-Maintenance of the cable function in the light of the fastening and carrier fire: DIN 4102-12 within 30-90 minutes (E30-E90)

Standard: Din VDE 0815, din 4102-12        Fire Resistance: DIN VDE 0472-804 C, 0482-266-2-4, IEC 60332-3             Rated Voltage: 300 v.

Application: Cables with enhanced security are ideal for use in all cases where reliability and safety requirements are of particular importance, such as in industrial complexes, power plants, public buildings and hospitals.

Flame resistance: fiberglass tape       Screen: Aluminium foil             Armor: Steel Galvanized Braid