EN 60332-1 flame testing for cable

The EN 60332-1 uses a test flame of specified height and colour, obtained with gas supplied at a suggested back pressure and flow rate. As mass flow controllers are used with this FTT apparatus, no specific back pressure is required. A thermal sensor is positioned over the flame, and the time for the temperature of the sensor to increase from 100°C to 700°C is determined. The time is used to confirm the heat-evolution profile of the test flame of 1kW.

The FTT IEC/ EN 60332-1 apparatus consists of a bench mounted open screen fitted with an electrically ignited burner, a control unit with safety interlocks and gas and air flow adjustment and a diverter panel with gas and air mass flow controllers. Features include:   Horizontal specimen supports
A burner in compliance with EN 60695-11-2, with simple angle adjustment from 90° to 45° and a gas safety system which only allows gas to flow when a flame is detected.
Open front metallic chamber 1200 mm high, 300 mm wide and 450 mm deep
Mass flow controllers for accurate and stable flow control to the burner                Electronic spark ignition
Calibration thermocouple in compliance with EN 60695-11-2                     Optional draught free chamber