Aluminum polyester tape for 250V instrumentation cable

Aluminum polyester tape for 250V instrumentation cableOuter sheath: low smoke halogen free flame retardant compound IEC 60092-359 SHF-2.

The standard jacket is gray in color. Blue sheaths can be used for the essential safety of the installation.

Armor: each IEC 60092-353 basket woven tin plated copper wire armour

Pairing / triad: each pair / triad is twisted with a bare tin drainwire and shielded poly / aluminum tape to provide 100% coverage

Core recognition: Right: black light blue  Black Society: Black – light blue

Conductor: 5 tin plated copper per IEC 60228 soft class

Insulation: low smoke halogen EP conference IEC 60092-351

Bedding: Low smoke halogen-free polyolefin bedding meeting IEC 60092-353